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In 1980 it was established for serving the humanity on the basis of “Religion of humanity”, envisioned to minimize the gap between have and have not, understanding the social stratification and social change, minimizing classical differences, working for changing the existing system of Capitalism to the glorious path of Islamism. Honorable Nasira Ilyas conceived the idea, organized people, made plans and implemented them confidently. The tiny plant now becomes a tree under which humanity is relaxed satisfactorily.
  Al-Khidmat Women Trust is such and Organization which is managed planned and controlled by women solely. Maximum donors are also women.
  Central Working Committee:
Honorable Nasra Ilyas
  Executive Coordinator
Honorable Shahnaz Iqbal
  Deputy Coordinator
Honorable Tahseen Fatima
  Departmental Coordinators:
  1. Preeching and Training
Honorable Tahseen Fatima
  2. Health
Honorable Yasmeen Saleem
  3. Education
Honorable Naveeda Anees
  4. Marriage & Dowry Box
Honorable Shahida Riaz
  5. Industrial Homes
Honorable Shereen Arshad
  6. Slum Area
Honorable Shazia Shahid
  7. Media
Honorable Rashida Anjum


House# E-76, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S., Al-Hermain Masjid, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone#: +9221-4304985-88, E-mail: info@alkhidmatkhawateen.org