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Relief activities:
In disastrous events, those who are caught by the cruel hands of nature are not left alone, For the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction Al Khidmat Women Trust helps them by arranging tents, bed, food, clothes, medicine and other necessities of life. This service is also provided in abroad as well with sincerity to share the sorrows, building the binding forces of Ummah.

8th October 2005 Earthquake:
On 8th October 2005, three districts of Kashmir and four district of N.W.F.P have been ruined badly by the disastrous earthquake. Despite of passing a terrible year victimized could not be freed from the effects of it. Al-Khidmat Women Trust is one of such organization which responded immediately in term of physical, psychological, spiritual rehabilitation and reconstruction process which is being carried out till now.

Visit of delegates:
A team of Al-Khidmat Women Trust visited the effected areas for the monitoring and evaluation. Cash and relief is distributed among them. The first delegation comprises of Nasera Ilyas and Shahnaz Iqbal who were from Karachi and the second delegation comprises of Nasera Ilyas, Navaidah Anees, Rubeena Shakeel visited the area along with four members from Lahore. They had a close look on the situation analyzed and summarized. They did better planning seeing the disastrous earthquake. A delegation, consists of paramedical staff, 14 religious scholars, and teachers went there for performing their respective deities for the cause of humanity.

Truck loaded with relief:
Relief work was monitored continuously. A check and balance of demand and supply was emphasized. At first medicine, food supplies, warm clothes and along with that tents, plastic roll, blankets, in packed food were loaded and transported to the earthquake effected areas.

Wounded and ill people area treated in a hospital made in a container.

Arrangement of coffin:
On the one side Al-Khidmat Women Trust was busy in helping the rescued people on the other side it was kept busy in arranging thousand yards of coffin for the dead.

Relief activities through Ass as means of transportation:
In the hill tracks where the trucks, jeeps or other vehicles could not go further ass was used as a means of transportation in replacement. An amount of Rs. 5 lac has been consumed for purchasing ass. It was not the game of one turn. Focusing on relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation process Al-Khidmat Women Trust has included this programme as a permanent one. Within the period of six months 82 loaded trucks with relief has been sent to effected areas. More than 400 tons of relief stuff has been sent yet. The reconstruction and rehabilitation of the effected people is a challenging job. The trustee has surveyed the place and came to know the immediate needs of them. As an immediate response it has started its relief activities which have been going on till now.



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