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Relief is sent to the miserable by the Al-Khidmat Women Trust.
The victimized people of Hyderabad and Quetta are helped out with food, blanket and other consumer goods by the Al-Khidmat Women Trust.
50 sewing machines have been distributed by Al-Khidmat Women Trust in Muzaffarabad.
Relief activities started in cities by Al Khidmat Women Trust.
Admissions are open in the Quran Foundation for Quran Learning in its’ Intermediate courses.
Donors are requested to join hands for indent relief of the miserable by the managing director of the Al-Khidmat Women Trust.
Certificate distribution ceremony is going to be held on 21st July 2007 at the Quran Foundation.
Further Aid has been transported to Baluchistan by Al-Khidmat Women Trust.
Annual function is going to be held in the school “ Star of Islam” managed by Al-Khidmat Trust.
A Summer Camp is going to be organized from 20th June to 20th July by the Quran Foundation Campus I.
Two days exhibition of Al-Khidmat Women and Qawa refresher has been ended.
Recommendation of the parliament members with respect to PEMRA ordinance have been overlooked. ( Samiha Raheel )
The relief activities of Al-Khidmat Women Trust for Winder city is appreciable.
(Samiha Raheel )
Al-Khidmat welfare planning will bring prosperity undoubtedly.
Children are such deposits of the nations to be taken care of by them parents and teachers (Naimatullah Khan)
A Welfare centre is established by Al-Khidmat Women Trust in Muzaffarabad.
Al- Khidmat will continue serving mankind without discrimination (Nasira Ilyas)
Al-Khidmat will continue helping the earthquake disastrous. ( Nasira Ilyas)


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