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Four major projects of water supply are in progress now:
A number of letters of Somyani, people have been received for making a long lasting arrangement of water supply. Their desire could be fulfilled by digging wells or installing tube wells to get underground water.

The deprived locality is in search of such hands who can resolve their basic problems. The cost of digging a well is given below;

The cost of digging a well in Winder = Rs.2 lacs
• The cost of digging a well in Bella = Rs. 1lac
• The cost of digging a well in Muhammad Khan Goth = Rs. 60 thousand
Educational Institutions of Winder:
An institution, where lodging, boarding, education, medical checkup, dresses and other necessities is planned to be provided to the disastrous on absolutely free. The cost of establishing such an educational institution is Rs.10 lacs.
AL-Khidmat Woman Welfare Centre:
The construction of AL-Khidmat Central Woman Welfare Centre, Lahore is in progress. Which spreads over 700 yards of land in which sewing , clinic, educational institutions for adult and children is planned to be managed. Structure of it has already been erected, for further construction a sum of Rs. 5 lacs is urgently required. An appeal to donors is made to come foreword and take the challenge and accomplish the job for the sake of humanity.
Arkanabad Project:
The total cost of Arkanabad project is Rs. 25 lacs. A part of it has already been completed and the construction of a mosque and an educational institution is remain left to be completed.
Ambulance: An Amount of Rs 450,000 is needed for acquiring an ambulance.
The Quran Foundation:
For the construction of the Quran Foundation in Islamabad an amount of Rs. 150,000 is urgently required.
Al-Khidmat Centre:
For the construction of Al-Khidmat Centre at Walton Road , Lahore 35,00,000 rupees is required immediately.
Al-Khidmat Centre, Hyderabad:
Al-Khidmat Centre, Hyderabad is now under construction. Madarsah and sewing centre have been constructed only the clinic part is left which costs Rs. 1,00,000 rupees.
Financial Assistance:
Financial Assistance for providing treatment of Hepatitis, T.B. and Cancer diagnosed patients is urgently required. Remember! The treatment of blood cancer costs is around 10-11 lac rupees.


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