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Al- Khidmat Women Trust has planned and took decision to implement welfare plannings with its true essense. More than a hundred thousand people are benefited by it
Social Reformation:
The real remedy from misery is submission to the God solely. Al-Khidmat Women Trust has already arranged so many programmers for preaching of Islam, the religion of peace. Social reformation integrated with islamic teachings is at the top of its' priority list.
Dars-e-Quran / Quran classes:
To make aware the women particularly and the society on the whole, of the Pillars of Islam, Al-Khidmat Women Trust keeps itself busy in arranging a number of Quran classes for better understanding of rights and obligations, fraternity, humanity and all positive norms and values which could implemented with the guiding principles of Almightly Allah.
Water supply:
In order to make available pure clean water in slums, rural areas and goths hand pumps are being installed and digging of well is going on. The cost of each hand pump / well is Rs. 30,000-50,000/-.
Dowry Box:
At the time of marriage poor families are mostly indebted due to maintain the social status. Dowry is the essentail part of this ceremony. Al-Khidmat Women Trust provides basic necessities to the needy girls and creates a favorable situation for acceptance. The cost of each dowry box is Rs. 70,000- 1,00,000/-
Poverty Alleviation:
In slum areas “Saving markets" (Bachat Bazer) are organized where consumer items, clothe, shoes, utencils, and other necessities are sold out at subsidized rates.
Industrial Home:
A number of Industrial homes are established to facilitate woman in earning with dignity.
Stipend and food supplies:
As per need orphans, widows, and poor families are awarded with stipend and food supplies. Particularly in the month Ramadan thousand of families are served with adequate food supplies and fancy dresses are given to those girls who wanted to share their joys in the auspicious occassion of “Eid-ul-Fitr”. Alms are distributed among them. In the month of “Zul Hajj” animals are sacrificed in the most slum areas of Pakistan. Meat is distributed among them as well.


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