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World Health Organization (WHO) has enlisted Pakistan among 57 countries with critical health workforce deficiency while he country is placed at 122nd position in terms of quality of health care facilities. Unfortunately Pakistan stands high in the list of top 10 countries with extreme infant mortality.

Being conscious of the situation, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Women Wing has established country wide network to provide best health care facilities to public, irrespective of their socio-economic status. Under its umbrella currently several Mother and Child Healthcare Centers, Hospitals, Mobile Medical Camps, Ambulance Service, Diagnostic Centers and Blood Banks are functional effectively across the country including landmark projects in the remotest and most under-developed areas such as Tharparkar (Sindh) and Quetta (Balochistan).

All healtcare projects ranging from a routine OPD checkup to a specialized procedure are provided to the needy and poor for free.

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Health Services

Clinic is a place where outpatients are given medical treatment or advice, especially of a specialist nature. Alkhidmat Foundation has established a large number of clinics, which help the poor and the needy people to get access to a qualified medical doctor. An average fee of Rs.25/- is charged that includes preliminary medicine and consultancy fee. Clinics also refer patients to the nearby hospital of Alkhidmat Foundation where and when necessary.

There is a growing public need of diagnostic facilities as practitioners rather rely on the medical reports than their own past experiences and observations. Diagnostic Services and Clinical Laboratories have become an extremely profitable business, especially in remote and rural areas of Pakistan while in public sector the diagnostic services are very poor. Alkhidmat Foundation Diagnostic Network through its Diagnostic centers provides more reliable and authentic reports with the help of its latest imported diagnostic equipment in its diagnostic centers and qualified medical staff. Most of the diagnostic centers of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are serving the remote and rural areas of Pakistan.

Alkhidmat has established 22 Mother & Child Healthcare Centers (MCHCs) across Pakistan to particularly support and help for saving the life of mother and child by providing quick health care services before and after the pregnancy and also give a healthy nation through detailed nutrition guidelines for both mother and child.
The following services are being provided in Alkhidmat MCHCs: Out-patient Services, In-patient Services, Gynae & Obstetrics Department, Pead’s ward, Operation Theatre, Laboratory Services, Ultrasound, Pharmacy, Vaccination, Ambulance Facility.

Besides its several health and medical facilities, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan also arranges mobile medical camps as its out-reach program to provide medical and health facility to those who can’t afford medical services. These camps provide specialized medical staff for the patients at their nearby place. These medical camps provide initial diagnostic facility through qualified medical staff to the patients. Patients are examined and prescribed for initial treatment according to their symptoms and sometimes they are referred to a suitable medical facility.

Pakistan is disaster-prone country characterized by day to day natural and man-made disasters. In most cases, health facilities are woefully inadequate in comparison to the needs.Many casualties happen just because people do not get access to hospitals or any other emergency medical care centers Alkhidmat is providing credible ambulance service to emergency, surgical, medical or pregnancy patients by shifting them to any emergency medical care through a network of 284 Ambulances.

Hospitals are important to treat serious illnesses, diseases and disorders of various types and severity. They don’t only provide emergency services but also provide long term and continuous medical facility to indoor patients. They also create jobs and in some cases can provide a safe place for people who are mostly recovered from abuse etc. but are not safe at home or in the community. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has established hospitals across Pakistan with the objective to provide natal and postnatal facilities. Our hospitals are a medical facility for all the segments of society regardless of their socio-economic status.

Blood banks are crucial for those patients who require blood in case of emergency especially the victims of terrorist attacks and road accidents. Blood banks also provide routine supply of required blood for the patients of thalassemia while they are extremely helpful during seasonal epidemics like Dengue fever.
Alkhidmat have 5 blood banks in major cities of Pakistan, where blood is collected from donors, typed, separated into components, stored, and prepared for transfusion to recipients like Accident victims, people undergoing surgery and patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer or other diseases, such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia  etc.

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“Charity does not in any way decrease the wealth and the servant who forgives, Allah adds to his respect; and the one who shows humility, Allah elevates him in the estimation (of the people).” (Muslim Vol. 4, Hadith 6264)

As Salam O Alaikum, my name is Waqas, I am a graduation student. I was diagnosed Thalesemia at the age of 6 years. I belong to a impoverished family, It was not possible for my family to regularly arrange blood for treatment. I contracted Hepatitis due to periodic blood transfusions.

In this situation I came to know about Alkhidmat Thalesemai Care Center Lahore. Alkhidmat took care of me and they are now fulfilling the responsibility of blood transfusions regularly. I am being treated at the Alkhidmat Thalesemia Care Center Lahore for several years.

I can now concentrate on my studies due to their support and my health is improving day by day.

– Waqas, Lahore