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Human beings are facing multifarious problems these days. The major proportion of population all around the world confronts economic and social problems like dearness, poverty, ignorance, and lack of basic facilities etc. If measured from the standard of Human Development Index Pakistan faces severe problems in terms of health, education and income. The sad fact are manifested from the fact that Pakistan ranks at 145th in the human development index and almost 50% of Pakistan’s population is deprived of basic of very basic health and education facilities. According to the HDR report another 11% of the population is in an immediate threat of multidimensional poverty and 27.1% of the population lives under severe poverty conditions.

Al-Khidmat has a vision of a safe, educated and healthy community. Over its many years of service, Al-Khidmat is known to identify and address the community issues of Pakistan. Al-Khidmat is working on a mission of harmonious community possessing good health, education, awareness, and a responsible attitude towards the overall progress of Pakistan.

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A large number of affording and rich people can’t manage to host such Sahoor and Iftaar while most of them don’t have access to reach the poor and needy in this month. Alkhidmat, on their part, does the duty and arranges for Iftaar and Sahoor of poor and deserving people across Pakistan throughout the month.
If you want to serve the cause of humanity and share the blessings of Ramadan with our poor and needy Muslims brothers and sisters, you can send your donations to Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan.
Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan also distributes Ramadan Food Packages among the needy families in order to help them food during the month of Ramadan. These families fast during the holy month with the provided food package.

Alkhidmat Qurbani program ensure the provision of Qurbani meat to the rightful poor and needy in the country. Alkhidmat arranges for the procurement of healthy animals and their slaughtering on international standards and then distributes the meat among the poor and needy all across Pakistan. If you want to share the happiness of Eid e Qurban with the poor and needy Muslims, you can donate for the cause online. Alhidmat Qurbani project is run at the same time in all provinces of Pakistan.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan with its vision to serve the humanity with integrity ensures the provision of winter supplies to the poor and needy families in Pakistan. Wither package includes blankets, quilts, sweaters and other winter wears that help these reversing families to avoid the severity of extremely cold weather.
You can also give a peaceful and comfortable winter to a deserving family. Donate and help us ensure the comfort of poor people during winter.

Alkhidmat Foundation Women Wing arranges combined Marriages and distributes Marriage Packages to the needful.

Wheelchairs assist people with disabilities to become productive members of their communities. About 10% of the global population, i.e. about 650 million people, have some sort of disabilities. Studies indicate that, of these, some 10% require a wheelchair.
It helps them mobilize and do their routine tasks by their own but a large number of physically challenged people can’t afford to buy a wheelchair in Pakistan. Your support can help a disabled person to reach his goals and become an independent and contributing person of the society. You can send your donations to Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan to and help a needy today.

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“The best amongst you is the one who helps the others”

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– Rubbak Ali, Thatta