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The marvelous task has been accomplished by Al-Khidmat Women Trust – Ayesha Munawwar.

Karachi ( Staff Reporter) : The marvelous task, capacity building of a number of deprived women has been accomplished by establishing technical institutions is really appreciable. The activities which are dipped with the ethical and moral values bring such a good examples. This relentless hard work, grim determination and intense ambition builds up the capacity of the women not only for exploring their hidden intellectuality but also make them able to become an earning member of the society.

The former member of the National Assembly, Ayesha Munawwar has visited the exhibitions of products made by the deprived women along with the Chief Patron, Nasira Ilyas and Executive coordinator of Al-Khidmat Women Trust Shahnaz Iqbal. Appraising the organizer she said, “The growth of population is not a problem but the non-availability of Standard Population is the basic problem and the trust is on the way of solving the problem by establishing technical institutions and building the capacity of human resources”.

“The idea of arranging such an exhibition is worth noting, said Ayesha Munawwar (former MNA) to the media people. Products were found rapped with the close cultural ties. A number of visitors of all walks of life have visited the stalls and showed their keen interest in purchasing the products.

Al-Khidmat Women Trust has been working solely for the cause of women. It focuses on the employment opportunity for the women as well.



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